June is a hectic month as the grass is at the stage of rapid and continuous growth. The warm and wet conditions that we have experienced this year have caused some strong flushes of grass. Much care and attention is required to do some topping and being at the ready to dig out any ragwort, which can spring up anywhere.The tractor has been out already in the fields maintaining the paddocks to allow a healthy grass growth.

We were lucky enough to host the Clackmannanshire Riders Access AGM in June. Hannah from hhtps://www.lochlevenequine.co.uk who came out to give us a talk about the management of laminitis and updates on the equine flu situation which has been so prevalent this year. This was a fab session and was attended by over 30 people from the local area who all went away with buzzing with up to date advice and awareness of the dangers of these nasty conditions.

We have loved seeing people using the new arena surface – whether it be for a jumping session, schooling sessions, lessons or some dressage practice. It has a lovely bit of spring and has bedded down very well.

We are planning to put out the newly acquired working hunter jumps into a small grass paddock for our liveries to have a bash at as we aim to provideĀ  varied disciplines to try and accommodate everyone’s needs.

It is a great time of year to just enjoy being around horses and love the energy, fun and laughter we hear as we are out and about at the livery.


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