This image was taken recently when we went out for a hack around the dam. It was eerily quiet. We can ride from the livery and be there in twenty minutes and have a fantastic network of paths to enjoy. As we have slipped quietly into 2021 and left behind 2020 – lets hope for better things to come.

Recently we organised a socially distanced pre christmas games day on horseback in the arena. Santa’s little helpers prepared a challenging but very fun session including placing a cracker onto the tree, route to the north pole, putting snowballs into the bucket and taking a bauble off the tinsel themed bauble wall. It was great to see everyone just having a bit of fun….some horses loved it and others not so much! its definitely going to be an annual event and we are already planning an evening spring/summer session when the longer days come. I think we are all longing for winter to pass and for spring to be in the air again.

So after speaking to some of our horsey friends we have come up with some resolutions and hopes for the future.

One word…..Blair 😊

Dressage competitions 😀

More local riding club events to look forward to 😁

Until then, thankfully, we have our horses to keep us fit and healthy in body and mind and for that we are grateful in these really challenging times.