We recently had our new crop hay tested in the lab and were delighted to find, after analysis that the protein and energy levels were all spot on. We were expecting this to be the case but to have it verified means we can be rest assured that all of our consultations with grass seed merchant and carrying out a rotational reseeding plan every few years is on point. It is something which can go overlooked and without consideration in general horse care especially if you are buying in hay from various sources but is worthy of noting especially when there are currently  so many issues surrounding weight and condition in the equine world.

If the weather could stay dry – even for a short spell we could pop out the working hunter jumps in the fields but its fair to say September has dealt us its fair share of rain.

The  ragwort fork has been out and about in the fields recently again for the third sweep this year. Its an ongoing task but we are lucky to have this noxious weed under control.

As the foliage growth has eased up – hacking on the millions of tracks available to us is always a great way to spend a few hours exploring the paths and taking in the fabulous views. With such variety – there is never any doubt that your horse will get bored or lazy.


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