Seeing the sun shine and the blue skies is very welcome for us all. It allows us to crack on with the annual tasks such as topping the fields to ensure our grass stays in top notch condition. We have already been out on our ragwort sweep to ensure the noxious weed is taken out of the paddocks. It can never be underestimated just how dangerous this killer weed is for horses.

We are approaching hay season as our specially made timothy mix as well as other grasses are almost ready to cut. Having our own home grown hay allows us to know exactly what the crop is made up of and know when the conditions are perfect to go in and get cracking during a good burst of weather. We regularly seek advice from SAC consulting and have our hay tested to allow us to know in exact detail the dry matter content and feed value.

There has been a flurry of excitement as some of our liveries have been going to the Highland Show and HOYS qualifiers with their amazing horses. For others riders have been doing everything from enjoying our fantastic hacking routes to taking part in our annual dressage and jumping day, here at Blackfaulds Farm Livery near Alloa. There is something for everyone at our yard. The working hunter jumps have been out in the field to get some practice in too.

Totally forgot to mention earlier in the year that we gained our British Horse Society Inspection for 2003. Click on the link below. This is a very detailed inspection to look at our policies and procedures and the health and safety measures we have in place as well as our  welfare standards.  All this, as well as keeping up to speed with our First aid training and child protection courses, means we operate a system which puts animal welfare and equine safety at the forefront of our business. Having these standards mean we do all we can to make the yard as safe and well run as possible and for our customers to have the best experience when spending time with their horses or ponies.


BLACKFAULDS – certificate