Ragwort - Team Blackfaulds Farm Livery

Posted by: Helen Christie on 23/08/2016


This summer has seen an incredible explosion of ragwort across the country. Here at Blackfaulds Farm Livery, we are all hands on deck to try and rid the paddocks of this noxious weed. Kenneth has been busy using the ragwort fork to dig up the plants as he plays close attention to field maintenance and has a knack of spotting the plants in the early stages of growth. His expert eye and  years of training shows an impressive ability to locate this weed in the most obscure of places around the livery.

People have organised their own teams too, which has been extremely helpful and very much appreciated. Julia opted to take the quad out and about  to make the experience more interseting and exciting.

What an incredible team we have here at Blackfaulds Farm Livery !


Stable news

Posted by: Helen Christie on 08/08/2016


It has been so exciting to watch the new stable block going through the different stages. We are close to completion and are dying to see the brand new spacious, cozy and comfortable stables for the horses. We are lucky to have a great crowd here at Blackfaulds Farm Livery and we look forward to welcoming some new faces. Blackfaulds is a place where people come to get away from work pressures etc and have some quality r&r time with their equine friends in modern purpose built surroundings.

Time for some Spring cleaning!

Posted by: Helen Christie on 08/05/2016

It is all systems go here at Blackfaulds. We have been busy rolling the fields after a particularly wet winter and have recently fertilised the hay fields which at last is begining to grow after a really cool spell of weather. It has been great to feel some warmth this week and Kenneth is planning to harrow the grazing fields soon. Maintaining quality grazing takes a lot of work don't you know, lots of things to keep us all busy.


British Horse Society Safety Conference

Posted by: Helen Christie on 14/02/2016

Today Helen and Julia attended the BHS safety conference held at Blueridge Equestrian Centre on a very cold and snowy February day. 

Despite the disagreeable weather, we had an excellent day filled with safety presentations delivered by a range of experts in their fields. A firefighter with specialist equipment for horse rescues delivered an informative speech about stable safety and later gave an in depth demonstration using some of their specialist equipment for lifting heavy animals to safety. Other speakers included a lawyer dealing with civil rights who talked us through some of the claims brought about by accidents involving riders, which was very interesting and an excellent delivery from a paramedic who gave us handy tips for hacking out both alone and in company. A police officer spoke about trailor weighs and being safe on the road as well as a presentation about the new safety laws for riding...

Spillers Feeding comes to visit

Posted by: Helen Christie on 06/12/2015


Despite the seriously chilly November weather we enjoyed an informative evening at Blackfaulds when Jane the feed rep from Spillers came to condition score our horses and gave some valuable advice on hard feeding throughout the winter. She spent a lot of time talking and awnsering questions with everyone individually and provided everyone with a tailored feeding guide for their horses which we found wonderfully helpful. Of course as usual with these events tasty hot homemade soup made by our own Helen managed to hit the spot and keep us all warm and happy. 

Changing Seasons... Winter is coming

Posted by: Helen Christie on 07/11/2015

As the November skies darken and the winter arrives, the fields begin to change. Turning out your horse in the winter means little more than giving your horse a chance to keep mobile,digestive system working and to socialise. Hard feeding begins to ramp up. We look forward to welcoming Jane, a feed rep from Spillars to Blackfaulds Farm Livery in November to give us some personalised indepth nutritional and feed advice for our horses. Here are some tips we have found helpful with our own horses feeding routine. 

Feed plenty of forage and fibre when horse is stabled  to help encourage natural foraging behaviour and prevent boredom.

Choose slow release energy feeding products such as fibre and oil to prevent fizz.

Alfalfa and sugar beet are digestible fibre based products to promote weight gain.

For acid buffering potential, feed a scoop of alfalfa based products before riding.

Split forage and feeds into small batches and feed little and often. Leave largest...

Time to make some hay, or not

Posted by: Helen Christie on 24/10/2015


Due to the terrible weather of Summer 2015 we made the decision to only make haylage. This has meant we now have lots of great quality haylage around 600 bales of the stuff! Although we do have a good supply of hay left over from last year to thankfully. Should anyone read this be interested in purchasing some of our haylage please get in contact we would be more than happy to supply you!

A typical September day

Posted by: Helen Christie on 19/09/2015

We have been making the most of the dry and sunny September weather. Kenneth has just completed the third sweep of the year - topping the fields and keeping any weeds at bay. This is also a great opportunity to keep up with ragwort control and to make sure we are doing all we can to keep this unwanted weed at bay. The ragwort removal tool is always inside the tractor cab at the ready. Lets hope this lovely dry spell continues so that we can all enjoy getting out and about with the horses and take advantage of the wonderful hacking we have on our doorstep.


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